Words are easy. I want to speak without them. 
In my art I play with the balance of what is beautiful, brutal, natural, and unearthly.  It is deeply personal-  a compulsive craving to expose the raw pulse deep within us.
I grew up near Lake Tahoe, California. From a young age I was passionate about painting, fashion, design, photography, and most importantly- people. I desire to capture them in a way that is unique, avant-garde, and curiously emotional. I consider my art to be a place where I can unearth and explore what is truly inside myself and others, making it easy for people to respond to and connect with.
During college I studied art and interior design at Colorado State University. There I started shaping my own artistic style. An opportunity to design for the renowned international hotel interior design firm lead me back home to the West Coast. A relative newcomer to the LA scene, I am already digging deep into the local creative industry- be it through my interior design work, completing commissioned paintings, fashion illustrations, and appearing at local shows. My work can be seen throughout homes and shows in the LA area. I have been selectd to be the featured Local Arist at Whole Foods, Santa Monica (October 2011- November 2011).  My work is also recently showed at Very Venice Art and Design on Abbot Kinney.
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Jessica Rae Sommer

My personal design blog- {LovelyUglyDesign} is a showcase of things that have inspired myself and others, a curious investigation into the balance of what is beautiful and real in the world around us.