Sunday, September 25, 2011


These days- there is allot of hair in bun, hoop earrings, and floral inspiration in my life. I'm excited about the current hair/bun acceptance. Talk about the epitome of fashion meets lack of time meets amazing. Mostly working to get things ready to get up as the featured local artist in Whole Foods, Santa Monica which I am so very excited about.

As always, excited to share my work with more people--- and finding my girls a tiny hard to part with :)


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Paintings by Jessica Rae Sommer

I've become a regular visitor to Ego Alterego- a favorite inspiration page for my art and design life. So you can imagine my delight when I saw MY ART being featured over there. Be sure to check out this lovely sight and take a glimpse at the feature { I nearly fell out of my chair... }
Jessica Rae

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Whole Foods Santa Monica Show!

It can be so hard selecting my favorite paintings for a show! How can I ever pick my favorites? I've been working on my line up for what will appear for my local artist show at Whole Foods on Santa Monica(Starting the begining of October!!), and it is coming along.... slowly. I am just so excited to have my art there, it is one of my favorite places on earth. No seriously, I am a sucker for the healthy environment, food, friendly people, and roasted veggies. I've been going to Whole Foods for YEARS and never dreamed I would get the opportunity to have my art be a part of their space. What could be better? Now if only I can pick! Here are some top favs....

And also...

And for the larger paintings...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Lastest Painting!

I've been falling for RED lately. Loving the passion and the richness behind this color. In a fluke paint session over the weekend my latest painting got her own red wash and I'm loving it. I was worried about taking away from the passion in her face, and I am trying to figure out a name for this one. As usual, this fits on my montra of "words are easy... I want to speak without them."

Love to hear your thoughts...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Art Showing at Very Venice Art & Design

My first art show in Los Angeles! Thank you so much to all the amazing people that made it out to support me, my art, and all the great people I met! Things started off with such an phenominal first night at the Gallery. True Abbot Kinney style- First Friday- the gallery was packed! I love Abbot Kinney and the Venice crowd- I've been a local for a year. Always an eclectic and energetic scene, and amazing art available for any and every budget from 20$ up in to the $$$$ whether it be art prints, jewelry, furniture, or large scale original paintings and sculptures. My art is currently displayed in several areas of the gallery- Note 'Fluxing' is front and center as you walk in the door!

Check out the Gallery my art will be showing at- Very Venice Art & Design- a fresh face on the Abbot Kinney Gallery scene- with a unique collection of artists. Quite a quite a cool location- the Gallery has an old house feel with rooms leading into rooms, winding around stairs and porches, chalk full of art and design. The local artists from the gallery are around on a daily basis to meet, talk to, and get to know. Come see my Friday nights at Very Venice Art & Design!