Saturday, October 1, 2011

Latest Commission

Latest commission portrait! Commissioned by one of the loveliest clients far away from my home on the west coast. Being able to share my art and reach the lives of people I have never met face to face? Brilliant. It's been a long past few weeks with moving and my two openings- Very Venice Art & Design, and Whole Foods Santa Monica- and I'm ready for a weekend of relaxation. Possibly a little training for my upcoming half marathon- oh yeaaaa nearly forgot about that one.

Jessica Rae


  1. Hi Jessica,
    I just saw the lovely post you have left on my blog.
    Thank you. I love your work! I have been admiring them at Very Venice. Maybe I'll see you there soon. :) outi

  2. Wonderful and absolutely talented artist! I love, love, love my painting!! - Did i say i love my painting? haha. The best thing i have and its hanging on the wall. The first thing I see in the morning. It is just amazing and breathtaking! A picture of it doesnt even come close to seeing and describing its raw nature. It speaks to me in so many ways everytime I see it.

    Simply the best and a treasure that i will keep forever!

    Thanks Again
    Dorothy :)

  3. What a lovely portrait! Your very talented and artistic. We love this painting.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!